Sunday, June 27, 2010

UTM here I come !!!

I'm so happy n SCARED at the same time! haha~ After lots n lots of thinking n tears shed at last, I'm making moves on UTM~ really hope I can make it!

Its been a long journey starting from SPM then going on to MATRICS... now UTM! though i've always wanted to go oversea to get my degree but ! a year away from home in matrics cure all that! i'm never go be so far away from my family any more! i've lost both my atok~ n realize that life too short la~ huhu.. n thats why i'm gonna be staying as close to my family as possible! 'couse u'll never know whats gonna happen!

back to me who's going to UTM! argh~ theres tonnes of stuff to do! my 'list to do' things keeps getting longer n longer.
1. fill out all the forms!
2. take pictures..
3. medical checkup.
4. open a CIMB bank account!
5. get back my lost I/C
6. find witness *sounds like i did something wrong* haha~
7. ........
8. .......
9. prepare myself for uni life! huhu~
among other things! T_T

still im wasting my time fbing n blogging! haha~ well i better get going! 'till next time..

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