Tuesday, July 13, 2010


gle kentang semangat awal sem~ haha
imagine r first day da ade assignment 2 long essay..
ni la dye first essy aq y siap..
lntak la lalok mne skali pown asal siap..


I am unique because I am me. There is no other me than me. Even my DNA which is the core of my being is different from the rest of the world. The same goes to my own fingerprints. People say there is not one person who is not unique. To say one self not unique is a downright lie.And I am not a liar. I am unique as to each puzzles of a 1000 jigsaw puzzle is unique.

For me all the life experience, memories, thoughts, dreams and our own choices make us unique. Even identical twins can be told apart by their behaviour. I may not be saying straight forwardly as to why I am unique. But that is just he way I am. For that I am unique.

Now let me ask you something. Have you been camping with all of your family sleeping outside in the middle of the forest together with ‘orang asli’? I have. Have you driven your father’s car with him beside you and you are speeding towards a lamp post and a ‘parit’? I have. Have you tried to kill yourself? I have not. And will not. Gotcha! Some of you may have experienced a lot of other things that I have not. But that does not make me any less or you any more. It make us different. To put in a more eloquent word ‘unique’.

I love speed reading. I can read quite fast. Which is very good for last minute revision. I can spend hours and hours on Wikipedia reading on a topic that interest me. Or in fanfiction sites reading stories. Its like an addiction. But after sometime it gets a little bit boring. But if I stay away long enough I will be searching for something to read. But not newspapers though.

I get bored easily. That is why I try to do something new, but not always successful on doing so. Some people have found themselves, but for me the search still continues. I like trying out new things because I still have not found the things that I am passionate about. For those who have, stick to it. Because the opportunity of doing something that you feel is worth doing does not come knocking on your door every other day.

I am comfortable with who I am, most of the time.But some of the time I am an awkward person. Sometimes I can not give a proper reaction to a certain social interactions. I would just give the wrong response and end up offending others. Which I did not mean to do in the first place. In other words. I really need to improve my communication skills.

I realize that all the things that makes me, me that I have mention are not all positive behaviour. I admit that there are somethings that needs to be change in order for me to become a better person. But in the process of doing that I refuse to lose myself. In the sense that I do not want o change to be someone else, but I want to change to become a better me.

cmne la nk bgun g class esok pg ni...

*dak gle blog*

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